Tattu 4 port wall charger review: Charge faster

With the increase of electronic device, a single USB port wall charger is not enough for us. With many people wanting to recharge not only their smartphone but also a table or other electronic devices at the same time. So multi-port wall charger is great to choose for us, charge the multi-electronic devices at the same time, save your time and money. I used Tattu 4 port wall charger only $14.99 on genstattu.com

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From the charger package, Tattu uses the simple package, inside of the box, you will find an attractive 72mm wide by 48mm tall by 30mm thick glossy black 4 port wall charger, surrounded by white packaging foam. And no user instructions in the box, but luckily, the product specifications were listed on the outer sticker. The top of the charger is logo “TATTU”, on the other side of the charger is the parameter: 6.8A for 2* phones and 2* iPad, universal handy charger and fast charging detection. To speak frankly, Tattu 4 port wall charger is really ultra-compact size, and foldable plug design, 100-240V wide input voltage range, it is really great idea product for travel.

I like to travel with my friends, the weight of shoulder bag is the thing we consider. Tattu wall charger only 160g weight, it instead of my iPhone charger, my iPad charger, and my friends’ device charger. Only one, it can charge my iPhone, my iPad and my friend phones at the same time, no need extra bring more phone chargers. And also no need to found the more charge ports in the house. Save our bags space.

To test charge time, Tattu 4 port wall charger charge faster, has 6.8A Max output current, single port up to 2.4A. 2.4A output current has been able to use most of the electronic devices on the market. From the test, charge iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 only nee 1.5 hours, and charge iPad mini about 3 hours. Use 2.4A output port to charge iPhone X or 8 plus more than 1.5h. In total, Tattu wall charger really charges faster.

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As a whole, there are a fair few things to like about the Tattu wall charger. For one it’s quite cheap, it chargers quickly, it can charge up to four devices at the same time. It is really a great product, highly recommended. 4 port wall charger only $14.99 now and over $28 will free shipping to USA on Genstattu.com 

Tattu 4 port charger Tattu 34W 6.8A 4 Port USB Wall Charger for iPhone, Android and iPad.
$15.99  $14.99

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