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5s 18.5v Lipo Battery

Genstattu totally considered our customer’s needs. In order to save your time to find items, we give you the follow list according to your free searching result for Gens Ace & Tattu 5S lipo battery (5S Lipo battery stands for 5 cell Lipo battery, it's also called 18.5V Lipo battery). In this way, you are achievable for all the 5 cell lipo batteries offered by our website. All our 5s Lipo batteries packs are supplied as standard with Deans style connectors on larger packs. We guaranteed all of our goods enjoy top quality. You will get very detailed product information from our website and make a rational decision.

You can find the 5S Lipo battery you need(such as capacity, discharger rate, Price or Category) via our 'SHOP BY' function on the  top of the page.

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)