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5 Item(s)

Discover the best and fast Wall chargers by Tattu brand. Tattu offer these USB Wall charger adapter, USB C wall charger adapter and Type C wall charger adapter for your phones, tablets, and other devices. Our wall chargers are all support QC 3.0 quick charger technology, have a variety of certifications and suitable to Samsung, Apple, LG, Huawei devices. 

Tattu is the global leader in charging and power technology. This includes lipo battery, power bank, Jump starter, car charger, and our best-selling portable and wall chargers. Tattu is pioneering Power Delivery technology to charge phones, tablets, laptops and RC hobbies at unprecedented speeds.

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Knowledge about USB, USB Type C and Type C wall charger:

A USB wall charger is a small, streamlined device you plug into a wall outlet. It is equipped with two or more USB slots you can use to charge USB devices, such as 2 port usb wall charger, 4 port usb wall charger. This removes the need for individual device chargers, freeing up other outlets and consolidating charging setup. As an added benefit, many USB wall chargers can actually charge your devices more quickly than traditional chargers.

A USB C wall charger, its full name is USB Type C wall charger. It is equipped with one or more USB slot and Type C slot you can use to charge USB devices and Type C devices. USB Type-C is a USB connector specification. Connector specification defines the mechanical and electrical parameters of connector. Number of signals lines, number of power lines, maximum length of cable, physical architecture of connector, various electrical specification etc. are defined in a connector specification.

A Type C wall charger is equipped with one or more type C slots, it only can charge Type C devices, you can check Tattu 45W USB Type C Power Delivery 2.0 Wall Charger, it is a one Type C slots wall charger. Type C connectors are highly powerful, because it is a reversible connector, extended power delivery capability and flexible.