Tattu Plus 1.0 12S Series Batteries

Tattu Plus 1.0 12S1P series is suitable for agricultural spraying, topography mapping, power inspection. It’s designed for professional applications of industrial class UAVs and drones.

The upgraded Battery Management System and brand new hard case design offer a better protection against exterior elements to ensure the best performance and cycle-life.

The multifunctional BMS board maintains optimum battery health. // The built in LED lights indicate the current status of the battery to prevent against any errors before flight. // Battery history will be tracked and recorded on the internal BMS board and can be accessed with a USB connection. //The greatest advantages brought forth by the new 12S1P series is the prolonged flight time due to the reduced weight compared to their 6S1P counterparts. A lighter payload will also allow additional attachments and accessories to your system. All of these features make TATTU Smart Battery more efficient, reliable, and can meet various requirements of different applications.

Applicable For Unmanned Arial Vehicle


Tattu Plus 1.0 12S1P series is a brand new, upgraded product line of Tattu Plus Smart Batteries. Its 44.4V high voltage and design will provide a better power input and weight distribution to modern day UAVs. The advanced battery management system (BMS) features our intelligent storage mode that not only smartly manages the battery, which significantly extends battery life.

Capacity status of the battery is indicated by four LED lights by simply pressing a button on the case. The redesigned of charge-discharge connector simplifies the structure and increases the safety. A common balance connector in other batteries is eliminated in Tattu Plus 1.0 series thanks to the functions of communication feature. With the help of battery handle, it’ll be easy to carry this new battery anywhere. Our new design and functionalities of Tattu Plus 1.0 12S1P battery will bring a whole new level of experience to your professional applications. Utilizing batteries have never been so easy.

The configuration of 12S1P battery is the combination of two 6S1P battery packs in series. A higher cell matching criterion improves the whole performance of batteries, and prevents under performance caused by an inferior battery commonly seen in combined packs by users. The consistency of Tattu Plus 1.0 12S1P batteries provides stable flight time for different applications due to the similarities between the cells.