Wingsland S6 Pocket Multi-Function Drone Flight Test

Wingsland has landed with a new mini quad the S6. Capable of actually fitting in your pocket, it comes in a case just larger than your smartphone. Packing a line of automated features, and 4K it lets you capture great aerial footage without weighing you down.

The S6 drone design

The whole quad fits inside a small plastic case and setups up in 30 seconds.


To get flying, you extend the foldable arms out and then fold the blades out into position.


The camera


Packed with 4K, the S6 can create bold high res photos and video.

Built to capture stable video

The internal 3 axis digital stabilization compensates for not having any physical gimbal stabilization.
The video is sharp, and the stabilization is noticeable giving vibration free recording. On a mildly rough day, you wouldn’t need any editing at all. If you recorded in 4K and used further stabilization software you could make it shake free.

Flight time


The Wingsland S6 battery is internal 1400 mAh 7.6V battery is rated to last 10 mins. With the camera on, recording in 4K, we experienced about 7 mins.


The App

Using the Wingsland app, you connect directly to the quad with your phone. All advanced setup and controls are made through this app, there is no transmitter or other controller available. A few parts of the app are Chinese, this will be updated to a fully english version and hasn’t been done yet as it is still not officially released.


The camera settings include slo-motion (fast framerate) recording and electronic image stabilization.


If you are flying manually, the screen splits into two and two control joysticks are simulated on the screen. In this photo it is black, but the video feed also shows in the background.

See the shots below for more options.

Test Flight of the Wingsland S6


With automated takeoff and landing it was easy to quickly get going, once you take off

The auto landing brings it down to about 10cm off the ground then kills the motors bringing the S6 to a soft dead landing.

We took it outside on a winter windy day and were receiving 20-15 satellites on the GPS. The position was holding within 1 meter horizontally, although the altitude was more variant as it bobbed up and down from the wind


Capturing action video and aerial photography is simple and compact with the S6. With automation, you don’t need to be so hands on and is more suited for getting footage than racing or flying. You’re not getting the full function moving gimbal and customization options, but you are getting the ability to capture straight out of your pocket.


Keep the Wingsland in your bag and always be ready to capture the moment when it strikes. Find out more here.


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