Why Such a Short Time of RC Lipo Battery

The RC lipo battery has a limited life, like as human, cars. Under normal circumstances, RC lipo battery after about 200 times the charge and discharge of storage capacity to the discharge will be significantly decreased, use time is also lower. How to use the 200 times charge-discharge? Or how to extend the battery lifespan? Let’s to listen the battery expert’s recommend.

At first, charge the highest voltage of 4.20v

It’s known to all, 4.20v is always the highest voltage of lipo battery, but with the development of technology and improvement. At present, most of manufacturers of lipo battery can be safe to reach 4.25v, even more of the top technology manufacturers can achieve 4.30v, so 4.30v is the highest voltage at current technology.
Model airplane with lipo battery charger are basic set voltage 4.20v, so use charger of voltage 4.20v to charge the lipo battery is OK, but if you raise the highest voltage to charge (such as 4.35v), they will irreversible damage the lipo battery.

At second, discharge the lowest voltage of 2.75v

Maybe many hobbyists have some questions, why? After research, every RC lipo battery has stage of voltage test from 4.20v to 2.75v. No matter from the battery internal structure theory of data, or from the battery discharge measurement, the lowest voltage is 2.75v.

Remind the important thing to hobbyists,at first tell you the roughly of the battery voltage contrast parameters:

rc fly and use the gensace RC lipo battery
2.75V approximately equal to 0%; 3.56V approximately equal to 5%; 3.70V approximately equal to 10%; 3.75V approximately equal to 20%; 3.85V approximately equal to 50%.

If not do scientific research and the battery with high resolution, the above data can be treated as a standard data. If there couldn’t find the same leaves in the world, and also couldn’t find two pieces of the same parameters of batteries, only the parameters of similar. So more than the contrast of voltage and power relations we only use symbols to represent “approximately equal to”.
From the above battery voltage compare relations you can know, when the battery voltage to 3.56v is only 5% of the electricity, the 5% of the electricity control isn’t good, it’s easy to reach 0% of the limit value, more than the limit, the battery bilge gas immediately.

At third, within 1c charge current to the RC Lipo battery without injure. 5c charging isn’t recommend

Battery charging is a process of converts electrical energy into chemical energy, is a chemical reaction. The chemical reaction has considerable relationship with temperature and pressure. The earliest lithium battery only lithium and manganese substances, the reaction procedure for Li+MnO2=LiMnO2 is REDOX reaction.

Why the cheap RC battery pack has the using lifespan?

According to the experimental data and theoretical prove, within 1c charge current to the battery without injure. More than 2c current will cause the capacity declined slight, and then up to the 5c current, the capacity obvious reduction.

The mainly reason of capacity reduction is the battery internal material generated crystal lead to chemicals. So we use the 1c current to charge is benefits the RC lipo battery.

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