Which kind of battery performance the multi rotor ask for?

The last two years , more and more Multi rotor use on commercial and industrial. Stable performance and long flight time becoming more important .

As we know, auto pilot is the key part of multi rotor , it is the brain of the whole system, control the balance, keep the altitude, automatic route fly , automatic return , automatic take-off and landing ,distribute the power and etc. Beside the auto pilot ,we also couldn’t ignore the importance of battery .


Almost 95% multi rotor on commercial and industrial market are powered by battery. There are tons of Lipo battery brand on the market, such as Tattu ,Gens ace ,TP and etc. Which kind of battery performance the multi rotor ask for ?

Stable performance .We know that battery pack is assembled by single battery cell . If we need 6S pack ,we need soldering 6pcs single cell together ,but it is not random pick out from tons of battery cell , sorting work is very important . Sorting system is key point to define a battery factory good or not,. As we saw in Grepow (the manufacturer of Tattu Lipo), they have professional sorting system ,all sorting work handle by system ,after sorting ,you could ignore the performance tolerance of each cell. So during the flight , you could get the highest efficiency and stable performance .

Flight time ,not only decided by efficiency of motor ,but also the energy density of battery . Less is more ,less weight, more flight time .For big scale multi rotor ,such as DJI S1000, many people use 2pcs 10000mah 6S pack parallel to get 20000mah capacity , do a simple calculate the weight of 2pcs 6S 10000mah lipo pack is around 2900g .If we use high capacity battery pack , we could save a lot of weight ,such as TATTU 22000mah 6S pack , only 2455g , you could save around 450g and get 20000mah capacity . Why ? Beside the weight of extra wire and plug ,energy density is the most important reason . For some brand 10000mah 6S pack ,normally the energy density is around 180KH/KG ,but the energy density of TATTU 22000mah 6S pack is 203KH/KG . Then you could image which pack could provide you more longer flight time .

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