Choosing the best replacement battery: What’s inside of lipo battery?

Lipo battery–lithium polymer battery, a kind of rechargeable battery in a soft package or pouch. You may use it often, but do you know what’s inside it? Today i am going to “ disassemble” it.

tattu battery



First you will see many numbers on battery surface. What do they mean?

  • The S rating is the number of cells
  • The C rating is the discharge rate.The C rating is the maximum safe continuous discharge rate of a pack. For example, you see 25C on above battery, it means it can be discharged at 25 times that pack’s capacity. That is 25 x10000/1000=250amps.
  • The mAh means mili ampere hour. It is a measure of the energy storage capability of the battery. For example, above battery is 10000mAHh, then it is capable of delivering 10000mA for 1 hour.
  • “V” is the voltage of the battery pack. Voltage of single cell is 3.7V, as there is 4 cells, so total 14.8V.
  • “Wh”means watt-hour. It is a unit of energy equivalent to one watt (1 W) of power expended for one hour (1 h) of time. It’s a measure of the actual energy content of the battery, it measures how much power (watts) the battery can supply multiplied by the number of hours it can do so before it runs out.

Then what is inside the battery pack? On the surface, it is a soft PVC to protect the pack. Inside it is composed of single cells
Structure of Tattu Battery


How to choose the best replacement battery?

There are a lot of things you should keep in mind when making a buying decision. We are making sure you don’t miss any of them while informing you about the reason behind the importance of a particular factor.


The main difference between two batteries is the voltage. Depending on the type of work you are expecting your tool to do, you can choose from a few ranges of voltage.


This is one of the reasons why we decided to make this review. Many people are discouraged by the high price of the official best replacement battery. We are aware that they are pretty much expensive and we understand if you are tempted to risk and buy an aftermarket battery. But we are here to make up your mind and don’t let you to make the greatest mistake of your life, when it comes to buying batteries, of course. The aftermarket batteries could explode and physically injure you. These risks are not worth the savings. The tool is also expensive and you shouldn’t risk its lifetime with an aftermarket battery.


Capacity run-time
Battery’s capacity and run-time are something a professional must check on first! You want to get the longest run-time out of your battery and any extra battery life is worth your money.


Charge times
Of course, the charge time a battery need is very essential for you if you are working a lot and always full of deadlines. Before buying a battery, you should check how long does it take to be fully charged.


Another factor you should pay attention to is the weight of the battery. You don’t want to hold a heavy tool for a long period, so you should go with as lightweight a battery can be.


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