What is the relationship between ESC, Batteries and Motor

We know the ESC, Batteries and Motor well enough within the UAV area. But what’s the relationship between each other? Do they affect each other when building our own UAV?

Basic parameters of the three components:

Battery parameters: Voltage + capacity + discharge rate, for example: 3S(11.1V), 4200mAh,30C
ESC parameters: Output capability

Motor parameters: Maximum current (A), maximum voltage (V), KV values. for example: LBP2860, Maximum Current is80A, Maximum Voltage is 17V and 3400MV.

the relationship between ESC, Batteries and Motor

Let’s see their relationships below:

Batteries & ESC:

1.Battery voltages should not be higher than the maximum voltage that ESC can suffer.
2.Continuously output of battery’s current need to be bigger than the ESC’s.

Principles when putting batteries and motors together:

Working voltage of the motor is decided by the ESC, whilst the voltage of ESC is decided by the output of batteries. Hence the total voltage of batteries must be equal or less than the maximum voltage of motor.

ESC & Motor:

1.Maximum voltage of ESC should not be higher than what the motor can suffer.

Current in ESC is larger than motor. If the discharge current cannot reach the required value of ESC, then the ESC won’t work on its highest performance. Moreover it will cause battery temperature raise then explode. Therefore normally the discharge current of battery should be bigger than ESC’s.

The explanation above is aim at clarifying the relationship between ESC, Motor and batteries. These three components are vital in building your own UAV. They are affecting each other via current and voltage. In summary Genstattu would like to raise your attention in choosing these three components for your UAV.

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