What is the different between bashing and racing

What is bashing, that’s maybe a really a unclear question for many hobbyist.

You may be a racer, by definition, you are a racer, race not frequently, maybe just once a week even once a month. When You race for a long time, you may hardly know why you have been winning again and again. But you are a professional racer, yeah, you know the rules, and you always do a good job in racing and finish in the A-main. You are really a good racer.

You are a basher, I mean you are also a basher, that may think way back to your first Rc ride, that’s a car, you just got in a Christmas eve from Christmas Grandfather. That’s a beginner car, and you was playing it like a toy. And there was no track, no terminal time, and something like that, just for fun!!


So, do you know about the different between bashing and racing now? In the RC world, bashing is racing without rules or regulations. It is just driving and testing the limits of your RC car or truck. Bashing includes making high jumps and not worrying too much about the landing. Wrecks are not something to be avoided but rather something to laugh about. And if you are still not clear about bashing and racing, here is a video about bashing.

Though bashing and racing is different, but that not means you are a basher and never to be a racer, and it’s not strictly between one or another. Different between the two may not important, what more important is enjoy of the hobby. No matter you are basher or racer, just have fun with it.

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