What Are The Skills For UAV Aerial Photography

In recent years, with the progress of the UAV technology, people carry UAV outside for taking pictures gradually. Here Gens ace (It is more focused on Drones,Multirotors,UAV,RC lipo battery pack and designed with high energy density and high discharge rate cells ) to share some skills of UAV aerial photography.
A totally original and amazing picture would be taken from high altitude. So how to take an overwhelming picture? It seems easy to use UAV to take pictures, but UAV field is hard to step in. Lots of studios spend millions of dollars in purchasing equipment of UAVs; however, due to the lack of experience, it is just a waste of money.

For the beginners, the first thing is to check whether the drone connects to the GPS. It is impossible to fly without GPS connection as the drones have GPS satellite positioning. For the fist time fly, pilots should keep away from the people, vehicles, buildings, airport, parking lots and some public places, and not fly above 500 feet.

Second, to eliminate the danger, pilots should look up the weather and terrain of the shooting place. Just like the manned aircraft that flies only on the stratosphere, pilots should find the safe areas for flying drones. On the low altitude, the various wind speed and direction would influence the stability, so we cannot fly under the 3 or more level wind.

The skills of UAV aerial photography

Specify the picture and pay attention to the light

The objects usually seem to be abnormal or bewildering if looked down from the high altitude. Some fantastic aerial images usually include the charming natural scenery, such as a winding river. The farmlands, beaches, villages and modern cities can be picked as the detailed shooting object. The light should also be take into account as we may get a marvelous visual effect by turning up the sensitivity. (Imagine that with the sunset, the neon is lightened. What an amazing aerial image you would take for this “blue light city”.) For the pictures shot from high altitude, the direct light form low perspective will make the images surreal.

Turn on the exposure and avoid shake

The only way to shun the vague is to promote the shutter speed to 1/500s or 1/1000s. it is recommended to turn on the anti-shake mode if your camera has this function. Using the shutter-priority and automatic exposure can make the shooting successfully. Besides, the change of the direction of camera will capture some sky into the image, so photographer should prepare to moderate with exposure compensation.

Depth of field: Using the largest aperture to shoot the widest image

In the aerial shooting, the depth of field is not a too complicate problem, and photographer can use the largest aperture to shoot the widest image. While shooting in the air, timing is vital (or the same like shooting the scene of moving quickly below the roof). Therefore, the burst mode can shoot more pictures.

Focusing image

If you shoot through the plane’s window, the imperfections on the window would be likely to influence the automatic focus. So, it is better to switch the mode into manual operation. If you can open the window and get the unsheltered perspective on the small aircraft, you can use the auto-focusing. But, the focus would be more quick and more accurate if the manual focusing is set as infinity.
It is common to shoot the ground’s scenery when the plane is taking off or landing. The photographer can let the camera approach the window and avoid the touch. In this way, the camera’s shade reflected can be reduced to most extent. Then hold the camera. When the plane tilts, photographer can shoot attractive pictures.

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The first principle of UAV aerial photography is Safety

We should always keep “safety” in mind. The operator should know more about the equipment and improve the technique. During the fly, the operator should take care of the security check, and change the battery in time if necessary. It is better to carry more batteries in case of emergency, as the multicopter battery is regarded as the important motor component of the drone.

Finally, pilots should avoid flying in the crowd at the low level. If the drone crashes, it will hurt the people around. Fly Cautiously!

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