What are the advantages of Agricultural Spraying Drones?

What are the advantages of Agricultural Spraying Drones?

Sep 9th 2021

Agricultural spraying drone (Plant Protection Drone/UAV) is an unmanned aircraft used for agricultural and forestry plant protection. It mainly realizes the spraying operation through ground remote control or GPS flight control.

In recent years, pesticide spraying by agricultural spraying drones in people‚Äôs eyes has changed from "impossible" to "feasible". Ideological changes have brought about the continuous popularization of the market. Agriculture has truly entered the intelligent era. Agricultural spraying drone has become a new choice for modern agricultural operators. So what are the advantages and functions of such a valued machine that can be accepted by the public so quickly? Drone enterprises have listed a lot of advantages of agricultural spraying drones, which can be summarized as the following five points.

Agricultural spraying drone from Tattu

High efficiency

Agricultural spraying drone has a fast flight speed, and the scale operation can reach about 60-80 mu per hour. Its efficiency is at least 40-60 times higher than that of conventional spraying.

Remarkable prevention and control effect

The agricultural spraying drone has the characteristics of low operation height, less drift and hovering in the air. During operation, the drone rotor generates a strong downward rotating airflow. When spraying pesticides, it can form a turbulent area below while turning and shaking crops, so as to increase the penetration of fog flow to crops and achieve the effect of homogeneous spraying. This also reduces the loss of pesticides, as the pesticide solution deposition and coverage are better than in conventional spraying way. It can also prevent the pollution of pesticides to soil.

High safety

Agricultural spraying drone is operated by ground remote control or GPS flight control, so that spraying operators can operate remotely to avoid the danger of exposure to pesticides and improve the safety of spraying operations. Compared to large ground machines, we don't have to worry about crushing the land and crops because it works above the field and doesn't have to touch the ground and crops.

Low cost

The agricultural spraying drone can save at least 30%-50% of pesticide use and 90% of water consumption by the mist spraying method, which greatly reduces the costs. Moreover, large-scale spraying is beneficial to the government plant protection department to control the quality of crops and reduce the pollution to the environment and crops, which is both environmentally friendly and efficient.

Good mobility

Large agricultural spraying machines on the ground often have nothing to do with paddy fields, mountainous, farmland with mulching film, drip irrigation belt and crops lodging, while agricultural spraying drone is not restricted by these geographical factors.

Tattu UAV smart battery

Tattu Plus UAV "smart battery" series are special use for agricultural spraying drones and have been greatly improved for pesticide corrosion and drop prevention. The whole smart system includes data acquisition, security warning, power calculation, automatic equalization, charging warning, discharge anti-sparking, support charging by charging butler, abnormal state alarm, human-computer interaction, history query, parameter configuration, etc. It can also access the lipo battery pack status and battery pack working history data by CAN/SMBU communication port and host computer software. Thus, the safety performance of agricultural spraying UAV batteries is greatly improved.

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