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Welcome to Join the Gens Ace & Tattu Affiliate Program

Welcome to Join the Gens Ace & Tattu Affiliate Program

Posted by Gens ace Tattu on Sep 8th 2022

This is Gens ace & Tattu's way of giving back to those that have supported us. With our affiliate program, you're able to earn a little extra spending cash to keep you on the trail, track or any adventure you may be on!

In the program, you’ll earn a 5% commission for every purchase that’s through your affiliate link. The commissions will be paid out to you monthly, no matter how much you’ve earned!

Details of the data are always available to you on the dashboard. GensTattu will support you with all the resources you need, and we are a solid backing for your participation in the program.

To participate now, please click on the registration link:

Here is the step by step procedure for joining the affiliare program.

Gens Ace & Tattu Affiliate Program Producer

All for the hobby!

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