We Are Tattu Girlz!

Hi, this is special area for Tattu girlz. It is totally brand new image for all guys to let you know Tattu girlz.

These girlz are working in Gens, .Ltd. which is a battery company. Guys may think that battery has nothing to do with
these gorgeous girl. If you think you, then you are totally wrong.

tattu world10

Gens is a battery company, but it’s culture building is very relax and even fashion. See these Tattu girlz photo.

Each of them show you different feel and shock you.

We should work for live, not live for work, right? Colorful life is made by our own self . Always keeping in touch with battery is not such interesting. But, life will not come to boring by that. Tattu battery creates wonderful life for these girlz. Look at this picture, it is just a epitome for all the Tattu girlz. They work hard, and they each have characteristics.

The following will show you some details of them!

Sweet girl show you another characteristic!

Once you enter our company, you will always see this girl with smile. The first time you may think she is sweet. No, don’t think so. She has big power, like tattu battery. She is crazy and full of energy. You will never feel boring to work with her in a battery company!


tattu world5


True love is everywhere!

Whatever, someone may say, colleague can not have real relations. But you may wrong here, Tattu girlz they are not only hard working but also build good relationships with each others, of course, including boys. Tattu girlz also bring us the true love, see the following pictures!

Tattu girlz


True love is not enough, friendship gives you more!

You never know what will happen, life is like a chocolate in the box, you will know the taste of it until you open the box. So, enjoy friendship and be happy are Tattu girlz believe. Tattu battery not only give these girlz the work. But also try to fulfill the saying, we work to live but not live to work!

Tattu girlz share life and work and latest battery information here.

tattu girlz1

If you these Tattu Girlz, you can this blog. There will be more Tattu girlz picture and there interesting life part to share with you. Of course, Tattu battery’s latest news you get from here.

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