Ultra Small Battery for Wearable Devices

In recent years, Wearables have been the most interesting new hardware field, but the biggest problem they face is the short battery life and ultra low weight..

No one wants a wearable device, they have to charge it multiple times a day. So how will we solve this problem? You need custom ultra small battery, here tell you more details.

Small Battery Manufacturers

Here’s the answer. One of Grepow’s recently introduced new batteries, ultra small lithium battery.Its essence is a lithium battery, which has a long service life and can provide high voltage and endurance in a small volume.

Grepow is a manufacturer dedicated to the development and production of batteries. With the advent of new materials and improved battery design technology, different shapes of batteries can be customized according to different specifications to meet all your needs.

How ultra small battery can Grepow product? As Small as 0.45mm in Thickness and 4.5mm in Width. Smaller than your nails!

Ultra small battery

It has become the best comprehensive battery system and is widely used in many high-energy portable electronic devices.

Narrow Lipo Battery Usage in Wearable Devices

The range of applications of this battery has been continuously expanded and has become the mainstream. It applies to wearables, and what the industry is trying to do is shrink your laptop or tablet or smartphone to fit your eyes, wrist, or any other part of your body.This market is growing, and electricity is one of the key features that must be addressed.

Ultra small battery applications cover wrist-based watches (including watches and wristbands), and foot-supported shoes (including shoes, socks, or other legs on the future), with heads Supported Glass (including glasses, helmets, headbands, etc.), as well as smart clothing, school bags, crutches, accessories and other non-mainstream products.

Narrow Lipo Battery Usage in Wearable Devices


Ultra Small Lithium Battery for Smart Watches

I believe that the more wearable devices people use should be smart watches. Those of you who have used smart watches should know that the smart watches are powered by an Ultra small lithium battery.

Ultra Small Lithium Battery for Smart Watches

The average smart watch battery usage time is about 24 hours. If more functions are enabled, the power consumption will increase, so users should not do not charge twice a day to use properly. The Grepow’s battery will greatly improve the watch’s battery life and help you out.

Ultra small lithium-ion battery technology is not a purely industrial technology. It is vital to the development of the information industry and the new energy industry, and has become an indispensable energy source for modern and future wearable equipment.

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Custom Shape Lipo Battery

Don’t have the time or budget? Then this is for you, over 5,000 batteries in various chemistries, sizes, shapes, and capacities.

Plenty of narrow Ultra small batteries to select from and ready to make just for you. Just fill out this form and we’ll try to find the closest match possible.

If we match you with the exact one, then it was meant for you. Literally, what are the odds?

If we can’t match one, then go custom shape lipo battery. Doesn’t hurt to inquire. We’ll work with you and try to make it happen.

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