UAV Can Save Lives

As we know the most attractive thing is that UAV can know which cow is pregnant. Moreover, UAV can rescue people’s life no matter you are in a raging river or in a cold weather, it can tell dangerous condition through perceiving the current.


Beneath seemingly calm waters sometimes lurks a deadly hazard, the riptide. These dangerous currents can pull a swimmer away from shore in moments. Many swimmers try to swim against the riptide; strength is quickly exhausted and the swimmers start to panic. However, a rip current is also a danger to the savior. These lifeguards are taking an enormous risk. UAV can predict the status in advance that can save more life.

If you have ever pondered how angry winter can be, here’s a little food for thought. Those beautiful winter picture-postcard images you see in travel magazines and snowboard flicks make winter mountaineering look peaceful, romantic and inviting. Mountain life is rarely like that – frostbite, freezing fog, whiteout and sudden weather changes are things that spring to mind, if you’re a northerner. And avalanches…

There is nothing more frightening than being caught up in the mountains by a sudden thunderous crack, followed by a deep rumble of an avalanche racing down the side of the mountain at speeds of up to 120km an hour. White death is upon you. It happens every winter with at least 150 people killed in avalanches worldwide every year.

Now, your UAV is no less than a plane, it likes a doctor who is not only can diagnose the illness, but also can save lives.

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