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TITC 2024 Starts Soon | Redline 2.0 New Release

TITC 2024 Starts Soon | Redline 2.0 New Release

Posted by Gens ace on Feb 27th 2024

The Thailand International Touring Car Championship (TITC) is set to open its curtains, with RC racers from around the globe filled with anticipation and excitement. The event is scheduled from February 29 to March 3, 2024, at the renowned Infinity Addict Circuit, showcasing a spectacle of speed, precision, and technological innovation.

Gathering of Elites

International RC racers converge, bringing determination and team spirit. The lead-up to the race is tense yet fulfilling as participants meticulously study the track and fine-tune their vehicles for optimal performance. The atmosphere on the field is vibrant, highlighting the passion and dedication of this dynamic community.