The tips of UAV Flight safety

Aug 11th 2016

At the beginning of 2016, Amazon broke the news that they planning to use UAV distribution. On an interview, they put forward the target of UAV distribution and when the user place an order they hope to be able to complete the delivery within 30mins. With the UAV is more and more popular, at the same time the security and privacy questions are also facing emerging. But I think it is can't stop the more and more hobbyist passion. After all, the UAV application is more and more close to life. For the most male, when they were young they are crazy the RC car or RC plane. But when they face the UAV really fly ten meters or hundreds meters high altitude, the beginner is not able to get started. Due to lake of experience, and not enough to understand the performance of UAV itself, external environment of the flight is not sensitive and other reasons, it is easy to "crash". To avoid this, I will to share the tips about UAV flight safety. uav

UAV flight safety - tips 1:

Before the UAV flight, at first, you should to select the security and widely place, high altitude that no obstructions and the terrain is relatively flat outdoor. Don't flight UAV in crowed place, or has the wine, it's dangerous!

UAV flight safety - tips 2

When you flight UAV, you should to check the GPS is OK. Because the UAV flight is through the satellite positioning to flight. And for the beginner is also pay more attention to strong air stream. If the GPS failure sudden, how to do? Don't hurry, most of UAV have the automation return in the system. You just press the button, the UAV return.

UAV flight safety - tips 3

You'd better to control the flight altitude, under 7kg weight, the flight altitude don't exceeding the 150 meters. If exceed it's need to report the department.

UAV flight safety - tips 4

Most of UAV batteries flight time is 20-30mins, to avoid the UAV "crash" due to the battery is low, you must to choose the best UAV battery, or take more batteries. For the UAV battery, I recommend the Gens ace&Tattu lipo battery, such as 10000mah 6s lipo battery and Tattu plus battery, they have high quality, long flight time and high security, and they also have excellent service. Tattu 10000mah 6s UAV lipo battery

UAV flight safety - tips 5

In usual, you should to fly with experienced pilot and to seize every opportunity to learn more about flight skill and nervous mentality. Overall, the most important thing is UAV flight safety, improve the play of UAV technology, and more careful. For security, you have to know how to assemble circuit, wind direction, resistance and other knowledge of UAVs.