The Tattu battery Testing From Hungary Pilot

Conclusion with one paragraph: The Gens Ace Tattu batteries are super strong, very light built with fine materials (for example the thickness of the cable, the balancer port protector etc.) and it burst out the energy exepcionally fast.I truly cannot take the energy fast enough out from the batteries with my 250 mm drone on 4S, plenty of power left in the pocket, which means it is not possible to kill these power sources with ordinary 2204 2300KV motors. Using very rigid Gemfan 5050×3 propellers meant nothing to this battery so I assume that it will be very durable in the long run. I absolutely recommend these batteries, the only question is the price. If you can find a bigger price off on the webshop of Tattu, do not hesitate, buy them all. Otherwise if you dont want to gamble with your drone risking that your powersource could not produce enough enegry for the motors the Tattu is always an excellent choice. Do not forget to check the new Tattu 1300mAh 4S limited editon battery as well.

And he was so kindly to make the 3D model of our product,  awesome!

Thanks for our Hungary players and the original source is:

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