The Season Best Exhibition-RC-X

Believe that many of rc players used GensAce battery with your cool car.

As a newly developing battery company, GensAce is dedicated to developing and producing a high quality battery. No matter the performance and appearance, GensAce try their best to be the best.

Now, GensAce is already famous both in home and abroad. To let more people know GensAce, GensAce will attend the world ultimate radio control expo at  E22 in Costa Mesa ! , this is the first time to meet all the rc players as an independent brand.

GensAce will be RC-X-600x450px

Performance, Gensace battery adopts latest technology, with high rate charging and discharging performance, you rc car or helicopter can get big power and fly further.

Appearance, with cool logo, GensAce like a wolf that strong and has super power will stun all the rc players.

After-sale service, GensAce now has open company in USA, you will never worry the after-sale service, and also the service speed will never make you disappointment.

Stock, many people care for the issue. As for the high quality battery, the sales volume increases rapidly. But do not worried about it, we now have enough stock in USA, you can buy the rc battery what you want.

As a big exhibition, all of our company pay attention to it, especially our big boss will there.So do not miss the exhibition, many free battery, cap, stickers will be waiting for you there, go and get it.

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