The Right Way of Using the RC lipo Battery

At present, lipo battery becomes the mainstream of model airplane batteries. In everyday usage, we probably need to use three steps (recharge, discharge and maintaining). Today, I will tell everybody the right way of using the RC lipo battery from three aspects.

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When you have a lipo battery, you are in no hurry to recharge, but read the battery specification carefully first. Recharge current, voltage and temperature can not be greater than the standard of the specification. What could happen if they are higher than the standard.

1.Using batteries higher than recommended current may cause problems of the battery discharge performance, mechanical property and the safety performance, and may cause heating and leakage, can greatly reduce the battery life.

2. Recharge voltage higher than recommended voltage may cause cell overcharged, usually caused by using in wrong charge way. (Like direct current charge)

3.The recharge temperature here is not the temperature caused by recharging but the environment temperature during the process of recharging. When you find the surface temperature anomalies, you should immediately end the charging.

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1.Discharge current

Discharge current should not exceed the maximum discharge current specified by the battery. (Formula is “the number of milliampere divided by a thousand and then times the number C” equals the maximum discharge current).

2.Discharge temperature

The battery must be discharged at the range of temperature specified by specification. When the surface temperature exceeds 60 degrees, should stop using, until the battery cool down to the room temperature.

3.Over discharge

Over discharge can cause fatal effect on the battery, so it is best not to make monomer battery voltage lower than 3.7 volts.

Battery storage

Battery should be stored in a cool environment. When you store battery for a long time (more than three months), suggest you put battery in the temperature of 10 to 25 degrees and low temperature, non-corrosive gas. The process of long-term storage, charging and discharging once every three months to keep the battery active, and ensure voltage in the range of 3.8 volts.

Finally, if you don’t mean to use a battery in the short term, be sure to remember that do not charge it fully before you keep it. This is to prevent the battery bulge in the process of preservation. The best maintaining method is storage. The voltage is monomer 3.8 volts.

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