The Prohibited Areas Of UAV Flight

Jun 4th 2016

There are increasing people playing the drones. Although many countries do not have the complete monitor system, some countries have the law to confiscate your drones. As a pilot, the first thing you should know is that flying in some areas is prohibited. Tattu, specialized in the UAV battery, will introduce you some prohibited areas. Hope that help! 1


Once, the drones interfered the take-off of the plane, and the military helicopters are used to solve this problem. There is no bird in the airport, not to mention the drones. And China has clear law to clarify that the airport and its surroundings cannot have UAVs. The manufacturers have updated their product, which will stop the engine if the symbol of airport has been found. 2

2.Business district and the crowd

For others' safety, please choose the empty space to fly. 3

3.High-voltage wires

There is interruption around the high-voltage wires. Though the human cannot feel it, the UAVs cannot stand it. It is common to see the drones fix the wires, but those drones have been refit or custom-made. 4

4.Base station of mobile phone

Compared to the high-voltage wires, the base stations are often ignored, because they exist everywhere and hard to find. The base station can launch the radio, which undoubtedly interfere the drones. Furthermore, the base station interfere more the remote signal between the drones and the ground, especially the new built 4G base station. It has been proved that the 4G base station has evident interference to the 2.4G remote signal of Futaba, which shows the dramatically shortened remote distance. In cities, we should escape the roof of building where has established the base station. If you notice the dramatically shortened remote distance, please observe whether there has base station.

5.The indoor stadium without GPS

Please choose other suitable place, unless your drone has visual location system which support to fly indoor. 5

6. Under strong wind or bad weather

The common drones can bear the wind of Level 4-5. Do not challenge your drone in the 5th level of wind. 6

7. the metal facility.

It has strong interference. 7

8. military center and government

8 the restriction varies from country to country. We should pay attention to such information before flying. Gensace & Tattu hope everyone enjoys the UAV flight!