The LIPO Battery is heart of UAV

The full name of the battery used in the aerial photography is called Li-polymer battery (also known as high molecule lithium battery) and Li-battery for short. Li-polymer battery is a new-type battery and has the obvious advantage of high density, small size, ultrathin, light weight, high safety, low cost and so forth.

These years, the aerial photography, using UAVs,the UAV Battery comes to the public. Its irregular shooting perspectives, convenient operations and simple structure have gain the applause countlessly from video creation organizations, and even this technology has stepped into the ordinary families.


At present, the mainstream of UAVs aerial photography are multi-rotor, helicopter and fixed-wing. According to their structure, the fixed-wing can fly for long time, but the fixed-wing demand highly skill of taking off and landing on. It could only be used in the mapping and other fields which do not require high image quality, since it cannot hover in the air. However, although the multi-rotor and helicopter have comparatively short flight time, as the most types of aircraft in the video creation, they can take off and land on the complex terrain, fly stably, hover, strong ability of wind resistance, be easy to operate. These two types of aircraft mainly use the battery to provide power, and helicopter can use the gasoline-drive engine as well. But people reduce the use frequency of gasoline-driven engine due to the mechanical vibrate and the more flight risk. Naturally, the usage of battery spreads widely in the UAVs photography. A team prepares at least tens of any sort of batteries. The batteries provide power tirelessly for the motor, electric regulator, flight control, OSD, image transmission, receiver, remoter, controller and other electric parts of the aircraft. In order to fly well and safe and shoot successfully, it is reasonable to know the parametric of battery, usage, maintenance, charge and discharge and so forth. And now, let us know more about the battery, the crucial part of aerial photography.

From its shape, Li-polymer battery has the characterization of ultrathin, which could meet the need of any product, produced into any shape and any capacity. The external package is made of aluminum plastic. Being different from the metal case of liquid li-battery, the internal quality problem can be presented in time from the distortion of the package, such as bulging.

Let us move to the basic parametric of battery. Take 22.2V 10000mah rc lipo battery as an example; six Li-cells, which has the rated voltage of 3.7V, capacity of 10000mah, are put in series to form the battery. In other words, the 6S1P and 6S2P battery is formed of 12 5000mah lipo battery in series and in parallel. To be more specific, 6S1P is more safe than the 6S2P, because the 1P has more simple structure than 2P and more expensive.


Among the Li-battery of model, the rated voltage of single cell is 3.7V, which is gained from the average working voltage. The actual voltage of single Li-cell is 2.75-4.2V. The capacity labelled on the Li-battery is the voltage which discharges from 4.2V to 2.75V. Li-battery should be used in the range from 2.75V to 4.2V. If the voltage is below 2.75V, the battery is recognized as over-discharged, and the chemical liquid inside will crystallize. The crystallization may puncture the inside structure layer and cause short circuit, even change the voltage of Li-battery to zero. During charging, it is deemed as over-charged if the voltage of single cell is above 4.2V. The inside chemical reaction is too much fierce, and the Li-battery would bulge and then burn if charge continuously. Therefore, it is a must to use the formal chargers which conforms with the safety standard. Besides, self-refit is prohibited since this may cause serious consequence.

Cautions: Do not use the single cell of aerial photography power battery to 2.75V, because this battery cannot provide the effective battery to aircraft. To guarantee the safe flight, the single warning voltage can be set as 3.6V. If reaching or being close to this voltage, the pilot must return or land to avoid the explosion as possible due to the insufficiency of voltage.

Till now, there are numerous brands and sorts of Li-battery for model, we should match and find the battery according to the need of power, so that the electrical elements can run successfully. Please do not buy the unqualified and cheap battery, do not buy the cell and make the battery on your own, and do not refit the battery. If the battery bulges, breaks, cannot be fully charged and any other problems, please stop using at once. Although the 14.8v lipo battery is the consumable, it provides the power for the flight. It should take time to attach importance to it, know more about it, take good care of it, and then the UAV battery can provide and guarantee our every flight task better and safer.

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