The difference between UAV and the model airplane

Sep 12th 2016

What is the model airplane?

To put it simply,the model airplane is an aircraft with a simple system, flying at low speeds, imposing restriction on size, operating the flight in sight with remote-control unit.But different size of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has different performance, generally speaking,it is a aircraft with complex system ,needing the procedure to control,autonomous driving beyond the horizon. model airplane UAV is very like with model airplane, so many people are confused with model airplane and UAV, in fact, UAV and model airplane have essential difference. UAV has a more complicated, using ground platform that can realize autonomous flight, having built-in GPS and further flight miles; that is ,to some extent,UAV itself has intelligent reaction. And model airplane can only operate by remote control unit, flight within line of sight, and there is no GPS positioning and stable aero -control. And for model airplane,there are three elements ,that is remote control platform, power system, flight-distance in sight, pursuing cool appearance and elegant flight in the sky.Because of performance, there are some difference between UAV and model airplane in application.It is model airplane which operating by remote-control unit that usually flies in the square at 5 or 6 meters high in the square . UAV tends to its practicability, civilian UAV can replace human beings to do a great quantity of tasks; military UAV is a pilot portion in wars. The systems of UAV includes: power, navigation, link, earth station and other subsystems constitute, high technological content, different UAV has different finality. And in China, model airplane is supervised by Air Sport Management Center; civilian UAV is supervised by Civilian Aviation Administration; while military UAV is uniformly managed by the military. UAV In total, a dismantled the GPS flight control system, in the range of visibility, the mini remotely piloted vehicle is, so speak to, a model airplane; an installed flight control system, the model airplane which can fly independently beyond the range of visibility, also can be said that this is a small UAV. In China, the leaders of UAV, DJI, Manta and zero intelligence, the UAV they produced is extremely supreme, UAV not only can fly more highly than model airplane, but it also has the various advanced features that model airplane does not have. However, many people say they thought model airplane is UAV and UAV is model airplane, which is wrong. UAV is used widely and will really solve the problems of life, but we play model airplane just for fun. uav battery No matter UAV or model airplane, they have common place. All of them need the battery to work, in the UAV and model airplane area, Gens ace&Tattu 22.2V lipo battery worth to recommend, they have long flight time, high capacity,high rate and high security. Anything else, they have quality products,shipping fast,with excellent service.