The difference between UAV aerial and FPV

In recent years, UAV aerial has become more and more popular, because of it can make a spectacular scenery. At the same time, FPV is springing up which makes many pilots crazy, however, what’s the difference between UAV aerial and FPV?

First of all, UAV aerial and FPV install the cameras in the drone, on this point, they are similar to each other. Whether UAV aerial or FPV, drone hasn’t been the major part any more, on the contrary, it is just the carrier.

Now, let’s look at 2 pictures:

UAV aerial FPV

The main difference between UAV aerial and FPV is the target which they are pursuing.

What UAV aerial pursues is differ from the common visual angle. The splendid, marvelous and aesthetic picture, shooting angle and technique and image quality are the essential parts of UAV. That is to say, UAV aerial is a kind of arts created by aerocrafts. Moreover, UAV aerial is also able to be applied to planning, measurement, water reconnaissance and other fields. Although they are not artistic creation, gaining video and photo resources are still their aims.

FPV is also seeking the feeling of free-flying. As we all know, FPV is First Person View, so the experiences which the pilots are willing to get is the hedonia of the self-opreation and the highspeed-flying. As a result, FPV doesn’t need high-level image quality as UAV aerial ‘s.

The image quality of UAV aerial has to be exquisite, so it needs to use high-quality photographic devices and stable cloud systems. However, the photographic system of FPV is much easier. It only requires a common camera and the size of FPV should be small, therefore the distance between shafts of the drones, generally speaking, has to be 240 to 280.

At present, most FPVs are assembled and installed by aeromodelling amateurs and usually they choose FPV frame, electric motor, electric control, propeller, flight control, FPV battery, remote control, receiver, FPV glasses, camera, antenna and so on.

The most important premise to choose UAV aerial or FPV is the purpose. What are you looking for, the image quality or entertainment ? Of course, happiness is always your core pursuance.

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