The Best RC lipo batteries of Tattu

Aug 1st 2016

The RC LiPo batteries are Lithium polymer batteries that can be recharged and be re-used in the RC electric components. These batteries can be successfully used in RC planes, RC helicopters, UAV's, and multi-rotor.

The features of RC LiPo batteries are:

· Lightweight and can be made in numerous shapes and sizes · Large capacity/large amounts of energy in a small package · High discharge rates - Ideal for high-power demanding electric motors · No memory effect 1

We share a lipo battery of Tattu - 12000mah battery pack

The Tattu 12000 mAh battery pack is a very powerful RC LiPo battery which can power electric motors demanding high capacities. It is powered by 12000Mah and is packed with fireproof and vibration-proof materials.

The features of the Tattu 12000 mAh battery pack are:

· Type- lipo battery pack · Capacity: 12000mAh · Voltage: 22.2V · Weight: 1620 g · Dimensions: 184*71*61 mm · Balance Plug: JST-XHR · Connector Type: AS150+XT150 · No memory effect · High quality, reliable power for UAV battery 2

Characteristics of the Tattu 12000mAh battery pack:


The Tattu battery packs are powered by a stable stacking Automatic cell technology that has a capacity of 12000mAh. It requires a voltage of 22.2 V. The batteries are equipped with over voltage and under voltage alerts. This battery has a much higher capacity than the other contemporary models.


The Tattu LiPo batteries are manufactured under strict industrial quality control measures and are made up of superior quality products. These LiPo batteries have high energy density as per the capacity and weight. This makes the batteries adaptable to different UAV's, and RC helicopters, cars, and boats. Unlike other battery systems, this product has 'no memory effect'.


The batteries have a self-balancing function and a self-discharge mechanism at 100% SOC storage. These batteries are stably discharged simultaneously.


This product from Gens ace and its' partner concerns meets are safety and regulatory standards. They meet the ISO9001, ISO14001, standards and come in secure packages that are fire-proof and vibration-proof.

Standard balance plug:

The LiPo Tattu batteries come with a JST-XH industry standard plug. The plug is compatible with the LiPo chargers for multi copters like DJI S800, S1000, Onyx Star FOX-C8-HD, and Gryphon X8.

Working and performance:

The LiPo Tattu batteries are equipped with a computer system battery cell matching process and an automatic procedure. This ensures the products high-quality and stability. These batteries have been specially developed for the UAV and UAS market. They are fully secured battery systems with immense power. The power capacity of this Tattu battery is much higher than the other battery packs of the same size. Their capacity matches the requirements of many mainstream devices like the like DJI S800, S1000, OnyxStar FOX-C8-HD, and Gryphon X. The LiPo batteries supply uninterrupted power to UAVs and other high-capacity RC electric motors. They are used in applications like social security, video mapping, and aerial photography and GIS services.

Warranty and Shipping:

Shipping is quick and after sales services are provided in the USA. The product comes with a 90-day warranty.

Wrap up:

The Tattu RC LiPo batteries have been developed by Gens Ace. they works on two principles- less is more. 'Less' means low weight, less hassle, and simple designs. 'More' pertains to better quality, battery life and better satisfaction and output. They have brought out the best of their services in this battery pack. It is a professionally designed battery pack for UAVs and other RC long flight planes.