The Best FPV Battery- Tattu R-line 95C Battery

After two weeks our 1300mah Tattu R-Line 95C batteries have got 15 charge-discharge cycles and now we can talk about them in a more accurate way than when they were new brand.

R-Line battery
Comparing with other two 1300mah batteries of different types we have, including a “graphene” one, the R-line battery is the best. The “graphene” one almost reaches the performance of the R-line but its greater weight (also its measurements) makes the R-line win.

R-Line battery
In the last cycles we have made it suffering by discharging it until 3.0v per cell. It came down hot but not as much as other batteries and after a few seconds the battery cells recover the voltage (3.5- 3.6v)
The internal resistance when the batteries were new was 001/001/001/001 Mohm and now, after 15 cycles is 002/002/002/003 Mohm

R-Line battery
In my opinion, they are the best 1300mah batteries we have used so far. They have a great discharge from the beginning until the end of the flight regardless of what you force them. I think that Gens ace has done a good job with these batteries, I am looking forward to try the 1500mah packs.
Video footage:

The article and video provided by Pilot: Darklost FPV

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