Tattu Sponsors the X-Class FPV Drone Race in 2017 Season

The X-Class FPV Drone Race will on Saturday, February 4, 2017, between 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Please remember the time and join us with your team.

Address: Livermore Flying Electrons, 4455 Raymond Road, Livermore, CA (map)

X-Class FPV drone Race

X-1 Drone Racing along with Tattu Batteries, Team Vondrone, and the Livermore Flying Electrons, is proud to host its Inaugural 2017 Season Opener. Get your team together and your 1000mm drone to race in this new emerging race class. This is an AMA field so all pilots must have their current AMA license along with your FAA number on the craft.

Tattu R-Line 1300mAh 95C lipo test

X-Class is 850mm to 1150mm or 1000mm +/- 150mm

Check-in, morning mini quad race, freestyle event, X-class racing, and Wings.

(Schedule is subject to change.)

9am-10am – Early Registration &  All Day Freestyle Course Opens

10am-11am – Formal Registration/Tech Inspection

11am-1:45pm – Mini Quad Racing

1:45-2pm – Mini Quad Racing Track Takedown

2pm – Opening X-Class Ceremony/Announcement

2:05 – X-Class Qualifying Heats

2:30ish X-Class Main Race

3:15 – X-Class vs Wings

Open Fly!

Registration for the following:

Freestyle-contact Zoe

Mini Quad Racing-contact Colby

X1 Racing-contact Reiner


Starts early- Freestyle & Racing Mini quads will be separately assigned and passed through tech inspection. No quad that is flying Freestyle is allowed to race. This is just an extra precaution for not changing frequencies around mid-event causing problems.

We’ll try to race Mini-Quads with minimal frequency changes- but be prepared to swap your channels at any time! X-Class quads will be assigned a frequency on 5.8ghz, and RF will be planned as if all pilots will be running on 5.8ghz. It is recommended to fly with a Digital Solution :)

X-Class Qualifying Heats

Each team will be allowed to use a single battery on the track by themselves. Their fastest lap time will be used to determine final racing positions. This battery is designed for pilots to get to know the course, and for fans to connect to individual machines & teams.

Please submit a overview to be announced to the crowd. This includes all team members- their roles, machine size, prop size, motor information, esc information, flight controller, camera, vtx, etc. Please include anything you want everyone watching to know!

X-Class Bracket Race(Main Race)

We’re planning for 8 total Pilots  this first time, giving us two qualifying races and a finals.  Each pilot must have a Visual Observer/Spotter for safety precautions.

Bottom  4 of qualifying from time-trials will seed into the first race, top two from that race will move on.

Top 4 of time-trials will seed into the second race, top two will move on.

Finals will consist of the 4 top pilots, head-to-head race.

News Source: https://www.meetup.com/X1-Drone-Racing/events/236381587/

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