Tattu is going to South Pole!

Hi, guys

South Pole , Tattu is coming!!!!   Tattu’s never stop spirit now is going to start again. Tattu will send our friend to the South Pole. Really a cool thing. But, actually the tattu girlz will not go there this time. It is the Tattu flag!

tattu flag


Right the above is Tattu flag! Of course there is another Tattu girlz come out! Fighting! Fighting!Fighting!

 Ok, let’s turn to another view. The new Tattu hat, it has been worn by some of Tattu boys and girlz, most of them feel so good! Why not take a look at it?


beautiful tattu girlz


How do you feel ? Tattu guess you like it! Such a sunshine girl wears a cool hat, amazing look! Come on , if you like, you can join our activity and to get it!

Alright, not only you can feel the tattu girl, here comes the tattu boy! Really cool!

tattu boy



Ok, today so many big news happened. But both of them are good and excited news!


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Come on!  Tattu always share the latest and most excited news for you,  and ,and , and ……GIVEAWAY!


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