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Nearly two years after the UAV boom, upsurge comes the drone racing around the world. Drone race apart from competition flying technique and mentality, and accessories are becoming more and more important, especially power accessories – lipo battery.

FPV At present, there will be 4 series of batteries setting on the FPV and its nominal voltage is 14.8V. This kind of FPV battery mostly uses 1300mAh lipo battery which adopts professional 5A battery charger and takes approximately 20min to be fully charged, and its discharging rate is about 75C. What people are really concerned about is the battery discharge time.

Because the speed of the traversing machine is so high (over 100Km/hr) that almost all of the batteries are used violently and we have to frequently charge the battery. During the race, the battery is on very high discharging rate, so we will change a new battery every 3min in the general case. If it is a wild routine practicing competition, we will lengthen the using time of the battery and it will have been discharging for about 5min. It means that we need to charge the battery after we have been driving for 5min; If we count it based on the life of the battery, it should be scraped after having charged and discharged for about 200 times.

Tattu R-line 95C lipo battery

About the use and maintenance of the FPV battery, we mention in the previous article, the pilots can go to learn, after all batteries if improperly used dangerously, so for friends often use the batteries, these must be well aware of.

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