TATTU Battery-The Magic Weapon of Drone Racing China

In the end of the SHENZHEN international drone exhibition. The Drone Racing China attract attention of many visitors, they are make up of the teams from China, the Netherlands, the United States and so on, they staged a international Drone racing in SHENZHEN, CHINA.


Although the drone racing is still in the primary stage, and a few of rules and technology needs to improve, but it has attracted many UAV hobbyists. Drone racing can fly in the outdoor or indoor, and also put up the glasses, through video transmission system to experience FPV(First Person View) drone racing.


Quadcopter in the competition, the fastest speed can reach more than 200 kilometer per hour, combined with various obstacles,lighting effects,etc.,feel so shocked. One of most famous drone racing is Dubai held in 2016, in the event, they prepared as much as $1 million bonuses, and finally the age of 15 British boy won the championship. In March 2016, organized by SHENZHEN association of UAV, joint enterprise, nearly 20 domestic industries established China’s first UAV racing league, then began to invite professional referees and drone race team, prepare the UAV racing series.


The drone racing divided into 3 level of knockout,promotion race and finals. There are total of 50 contestants, and about 5000 audiences watched the competition at contest site. Through the fierce competition, in finally, Kunhuang Li and Tao Wang who come from China win the championship and the Second. This drone racing is hold in indoor,and has the complex electromagnetic environment, it’s more difficult than outdoor,so crashing can’t be avoided. But champion of Kunhuang Li with his superior flying skills, crowned.

In this drone racing China, the champion of Kunhunag Li and the other pilots choose the Tattu FPV battery,it not only the Tattu battery has high profile and favorable comment of rate in the UAV field, but also they test the Tattu lipo battery after the use of trust, so they chose Tattu batteries for this competition.


Tattu FPV battery is according to the FPV, they has moderate volume,light weight and high discharge rate. At present,through on average 4 series of lithium battery pack, nominal voltage of 14.8v, the UAV battery capacity most of the 1300mah battery, and lipo battey discharge rate around 75c, using professional 5A battery charger for about 20 minutes. Of course,there are some pilots commonly use the capacity of battery,such as1800mah,1550mah and 1050mah battery.


In the competition, the pilots of the psychological and flight skills is important, but also the performance of battery is good or bad is also very important.

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