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Tattu at the Ersa Euro Cup 2016

Here is Gens ace and Tattu Roadtrip to Ibiza, incl. the Event, the Winner Ceremony and a short trip to a great spot.

For me it was the hardest and greatest Trip i ever did until now, i met great people, doesnt matter from where and what they believe in.
Everybody just wanted to have a great time at the Ersa Euro Cup, and the Team around Nigel Tomlinson, tried their best to make that possible for everyone.

Saying this i shout out to Nigel, Tony Cake, Ric Vinuesa, the whole DDC Crew, all the Pilots i met there and had a great time with.

I hope we gonna see us soon again, and at last i want to thank Vince Irie, for the Footage and the Music, Malte Meibohm for the footage, and Aylmer Dominick Loria for driving this trip with me, Oliver Yang who has been a great and patient Co Driver all the way.

This Video is dedicated to the Pilots and the Helpers of the Event i think most of you will find themself again inside.

So all what is left is to wish all of you a great Christmas and New Year Time with your Families.

See you next Year.
Tattu Team - Marc Tüpprath

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