Tattu and GensAce on 2015CES

This is a big ceremony for people who are interested in technology! The 2015CES.

Here comes two brands Tattu and GensAce attend this big meeting! Now let’s take a look!

ps: we are here: LVCC, South Hall 2 – 25831  

This where we are, welcome you to visit our booth!


Yes, find something special? Right, Special Shaped Battery!

special shaped battery

At the CES, you can see lots of innovative product. Take a look at the following toy dog, wearing the latest product, which attracts lots of people’s eye!

wearable product


Unmanned systems,  people who are interested in UAV product, on the present CES. There are many mulicopters and drones shown on the spot! That’s really a great eye feast to everybody!


people on the spot

See! Our worker on CES at our booth! Welcome to visit!

we are on the 2015CES

Tattu and GensAce is welcomed by visitors on the spot! Choose Tattu battery and GensAce battery !

Tattu and GensAce is popular on the spot

Multicopter on CES spot! It is said this time, DJI and many other company bring their latest product! Among those company, the inspire one and Yuneec Q500, maybe the most attractive! These two products are latest! In the market , they both are very pouplar! Of course, a multicopter cannot fly with power! Yes, Tattu and GensAce battery is mainly for UAV, also RC models!


Some different multicopters on 2015CES

Special multicopter  special multicopter

Well, we will keep following our step on the CES!

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More surprise for you!

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