Tattu Activity Winner&Prize Show

Winner and prize  show coming:

After several days, with your support to our activity on both

 Gens ace (facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TattuBattery)

 Tattu world (facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GensAceGermany?ref=hl)

Finally we have chosen the luck fans. Here you can feel the fans feeling when they get Tattu & Gens ace prize!

Tattu activity show

Winner saying:   It feels  so good, Tattu battery, T-shirt, Cap. That’s really cool match.

Tattu reply:  All our prize has been designed by our designer, it is not only a prize, but also a way to convey Tattu spirit, Tattu battery gives power to fly. T-shirt and Cap makes you not fade out in the modern life. That’s also a bridge for Tattu to keep relationships with fans! Any way, thanks, bro!

Tattu winnerTattu activity

Winner saying: Hey, this amazing. Cool hat!  Although it takes long time for me to receive the prize, anyway it’s coming! One picture with your gift show!

Tattu reply:  Cool man!  All Tattu Girlz thinks so, feel happy with that? Yes, Tattu battery could be power and also could be fashion! Tattu is fashion!

Tattu activityTattu activity

Winner saying: What? I won?! Yes, amzing! There is no doubt for me not to support Tattu! Your battery, your everything!

Tattu reply : Hey, dude, calm down. A lot more giveaway activities is on the way. The coming pre-order activity is welcoming all friend to join. Your every order will get 30% off , and what’s more, on 11.11, flash sale is ready for you! The highest discount will up to 90%!   Tattu like every fans, and you fans should be more careful to Tattu as well!

Tattu prizeTattu activity prize

See! More prize is on the way for our fans!   Tattu is not only provide battery, but also will focus on satisfy our every fans and customer!
Tattu conclusion: Thanks every fans’ support. The activity is for all the fans and the one who is gonna to be Tattu fans. Tattu battery welcome every one to share you interest story with uav and tattu battery with us!
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