Tattu 2in1 Power bank 5200mAh Review

Tattu 2in1 power bank is wall charger and power bank combo. This built in wall outlet plug is a great idea. So it’s slightly larger and much heavier than a standard charger. There are two USB ports on it so that you can charge two mobile devices at the same time. When you’re a AC outlet just plug it in as you would any other charger and charge your smart-phone, tablet, etc. at full speed, and also charges the internal battery simultaneously. Once the internal battery is charged you can unplug it from the wall and take it with you. You can also use it on the go to charge your smart-phone, tablet etc. via the internal battery.

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It features four LED to indicate remaining power and a power button on one side to enable this indicator. There is no LED flashlight function with this power bank, although most of common power banks have led flashlight, truth be told, I rarely use this function. This power bank no need extra charger and cables to charge itself, with its’ wall outlet plug can charge itself in a standard 110V wall outlet, and it takes around 1.5 hours to fully charge. More faster than I thought.

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Away from the wall, it can recharge an iPhone 6 could be fully charged around 2.5times, an iPhone 6s Plus could be fully charged around 1.5 times, Galaxy S7 could be fully charged around 1.5 times and iPad mini could be fully charged more than 0.5time. The 2 ports USB output one is 5V/1A and other charge up to maximum of 2.4A. Up to 2.4A has been compatible with most of the electronic products on the market. In addition, during the whole test, the wall charger power bank remained cool at all times with sign of heating up.

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Tattu Power bank with ac plug has mini size and lightweight, measures in at 77*72*22mm and weight 186g, no matter travel, business or home, easily fit in pocket and save space. Now, Tattu 2in1 power bank 5200mAh sells for very affordable $19.99 on Genstattu.

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– Battery Capacity: 5200mAh
– Battery Cell: Lithium-ion
– AC Input: AC100V-240V
– DC Output: DC5V, 1A+2.4A
– Battery output: DC5V,1A+2.4A (In total 3.4Amax)
– Dimension: 77*72*22mm
– Weight: 186g
– Input Plug: Folding U.S plug

For me. All my portable gadgets from phones, tablets, music player, E-book reader, keyboard and camera can be charged via USB and having the ability to do this when away from a fixed power source gives real peace of mind. The Tattu 2in1 power bank delivers a high power capacity and multi-function. If you are in a similar position then this comes highly recommended.

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Tattu 2in1 5200mAh Power Bank With Wall Plug for iPhone, Android and iPad.

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