Tattu 1300mAh 6S V3 Lipo for Nordlicht FPV Race Event

On this weekend, we have attended at the Nordlicht 2 FPV race event, the event hosted by RCtech.de at the Baltic Sea in Germany, and achieved great success in FPV race evert.

It was a frosty and windy endeavour and Benjamin Mabtoul took the win in the final shootouts. Marco Matt took second place. DCL Senior Angelo Samuel missed the podium by inches. As usual in Germany, 4 FPV Ladies graced the event and showed the great performance against some of Germany’s best pilots. Tattu girl Lexie Janson made it to the finals. Everyone had great fun.

Nordlicht FPV Race Event

In this event, the winner used Tattu 1300mAh 6S Version 3.0 Lipo battery, the higher performance combined with pilots’ superb FPV fly skills, made their passionate.


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