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In August, Tattu offer a special size UAV battery that dimensions are 235mm x 68mm x 55mm and net weight is 1882g. The 2 versions are different due to the battery plug, one with AS150+AS150 Plug and the other with AS150+XT150 Plug. They have the same feature and have the same application. Which one will you choose? To worth reminding, they are the best price now, only $169.99 and free shipping now.

Special offer

Let’s see more about Tattu 14000mAh 6s 25c UAV lipo battery details:

Tattu 14000mAh 25C 6S1P 22.2V UAV Lipo Battery Pack with AS150+AS150 Plug
$300.00 $169.99
Tattu 14000mAh 25C 6S1P 22.2V UAV Lipo Battery Pack with AS150+XT150 Plug
$300.00 $169.99


– Minimum Capacity: 14000mAh

– Configuration: 6S1P/ 22.2v

– Discharge Rate: 25C

– Max Burst Discharge Rate: 50C

– Net Weight(±20g): 1882g

– Dimensions: 235mm x 68mm x 55mm (L x W x H)


Tattu 14000mAh 25C 6S1P Lipo Battery Perfectly Suited to Large Sized Aerial Photography Vehicles, Professional UAVs like the Freefly ALTA 6&8, GRYPHON GD-X8, DJI S800, S800 EVO, S1000, CineStar 6, XL Hexacopter, xFold SPY x12, Gryphon Dynamics OCTO OT-1200F, Gryphon Dynamics HEXA HX-900F(Suggested to run 2 in parallel for 28000mAh of power), DIY Drones, Agriculture Spraying Drone, Pesticide Spraying Drone, Multi-rotors and Other Airplane.

Do you like them? The limited time now. Don’t hesitate please, they won’t let you down. 😀


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