Some Points of Agriculture UAV

Agriculture UAV ,Just as its name implies,is drone used for agriculture.this type of unmanned aircraft consist of flight platform (fixed-wing, single rotor, multi-rotor) composition, GPS flight control, spray unit,etc .The drone can be used for spraying pesticides, seeds, powder ,and etc through the ground remote control unit or GPS flight control unit,
Generally speaking, Agricultrue UAV is a small remote control agricultural spraying aircraft, can load about 10 kg of pesticides, spraying pesticides at low altitude,Its efficiency is several times the conventional artificial.

The Downdraft generate by the rotor will help increase penetration effect of mist flow to corps, while remote control operation greatly improving the safety of pesticide spraying.
But also it can real-time monitor agricultural pests by carrying video devices.

Small drones have the advantages of low operating height, less drift, can hover in the air , no need of special landing airport, downdraft generated by rotor helps to increase penetration of mist flow to corps , long-distance remote control operation, improvement of the safety of spraying operations, and etc.

Agriculture UAV
In addition, electric unmanned drones can save at least 50% of pesticide used, 90% of water by using Spray spray technique, which will largely reduce resource costs.
Compared with the oil engine machines, the electric powered unmanned aerial have the advantags of small size, light weight, lower depreciation rate, Lower operating costs per unit and easy maintenance,and also Gens ace 2s lipo battery is light,long life,it’s more converient to use.


1. Powered with high-efficiency brushless motor ,can be equipped with precision instruments, make spraying more accurate;
2. Requires few on terrain ,can operate without the limit of altitude .
3. Short takeoff time, high efficiency, high attendance;
4. Environmental, no emissions, in line with national requirements of energy saving and green organic agriculture development;
5. Easy to maintain, use low maintenance costs;
6. Small size, light weight, easy to carry;
8. Featured real time image transmission, real-time monitoring functions.
9. The spray device features a self-stabilizing function , ensure that spraying is always perpendicular to the ground.

10. Semi-autonomous takeoff and landing, when switch to attitude mode or GPS attitude mode, you only need to manipulate the throttle stick you can easily operate helicopter to land or take off smoothly.
11. Failsafe, when the helicopter lost remote control signal ,it can hover , wait for the signal to recover.
12.GPS gesture mode (Standard Edition with no such function, can be get through Upgrade) can make accurate positioning and height locking, even in windy weather, hovering accuracy will not be affected.
13. The high-speed centrifugal nozzle design, makes it not only can control the speed of the liquid spray, but also can control the size of droplets, control range vary from 10 to 150 microns.

Safety Precautions:

1. Stay away from the crowds! Safety must be always in the first place!
2. Before operating the aircraft, make sure that the 22.2v lipo battery have enough power.
3. Fly in the rain is strictly prohibited! Water and moisture may enter the transmitter through the antenna, joystick and other gaps and may lead to loss of control.
4. Fly in lightning weather is strictly prohibited. This is very very dangerous!
5. Keep the aircraft in sight.
6. Keep the RC model and electronic equipment away from children!
7. Stay away from the high-voltage wire!


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