Show me you video to win discount!

This activity is for all players who share video to us. If you like play multicopter, or you use drones & UAV. You can take video of your multicopter flight to record the wonderful moment!

Then you can share us the video. During your flight of multicopter, uav, drones. You can take a video. The rules will be as below.

video wanted


(Europe & North America Only)

You just need to take video for us!

Rules: 1 At least there is a shot of Tattu Battery before your  multicopter take off or landing

  1. Time of your video should be at least 1.5 minutes

  2. If you have a lot of video or have a very long video, the long video can nether be cut into short one, nor the videos should be taken at the same scene.


The discount you may get:

It depends on how many of video you can provide. Details as below:

1-5 (video)   20% off

6-10(video)   40% off

11-15(video)  60% off

16-19(video)  80%  off

20 (video) , one  FREE battery for you

Attention:    1.  all the discount you can use only once, for example :  if you have 16-19 videos for us, then you can get 80% off  for ONLY  ONE PACK .  And it can only be used once!!!    ( this is true for  20%off, 40%off, 60%off)

All videos you can send to our email : [email protected]   or you can leave the video link as comment!

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