Secret Function of Tattu 2 in1 Power Bank?!

Tattu just launched the latest 2 in 1 wall charger powerbank not long ago. This little piece of useful gadget combines the function of wall charger and powerbank at the same time, which save you from running out of power in most of the situation. However, there is a hidden function that never been announced to the public— This powerbank CAN turn in to a transformer!


Here is how: press 5 times the ‘power’ button on this wall charger powerbank, wait for few seconds, and you will see the transform process.

Note: Please perform this action in an open area, as the transform process required lots of space. Make sure the powerbank has at least more then 50% of juice before transform.
This function has never been announced since currently it’s still in beta version on the Tattu 2 in 1 powerbank. As the developing of this technology more and more Tattu electronic products will also be equipped with this function.

Want to know more detail? Please check out


**Hurry up, the transformer function is for April fools only

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