Save $300 for All America End-customers

Aug 27th 2015

Hi  everyone It has been a long time that we haven't held any activity! And for this time, we make this activity "save $300" All your guys attention please, for new registers you can enjoy 20%off code, what's more, you can use this together with our curretn online product! And , what's more, once you spend over a certain amount , you will get a "save" Here you can find your choice: 1.$30 off  orders of  $99 or more 2.$60 off  orders of  $299 or more 3.$140 off  orders of  $499 or more 4.$300 off  orders of  $999 or more Get here: Free shipping over $89.99!  Only for America area End-customer and Selected items (Not for batteries over 8000mah) Start from 2015.8.20   gensace promotion All friends please be noted that , this activity will not be held long! Come and enjoy this !