Safety warning while using RC airplane & helicopter batteries

We all know that improper use of the battery can lead to some serious disasters. How to deal with the abnormal of battery whilst the batteries are being charged?

1. Charger set off smokes: quickly pull out the charger, and remove your model aircraft battery. Charger setting off smokes is generally due to high voltage burning off the transformer.


2. Battery turns hot (may cause split of packaging). Quickly take out your battery, cover it with safety box for at least one hour to avoid any possible danger. Batteries are turning hot due to the battery is short-circuited or internal abnormalities of the battery.

At this point you should check whether the charger circuit is normal, and check if the battery voltage is normal. (slightly heating up is normal during charging)

3. Leakage: quickly pull out the battery and press it with a safety box for at least 1 hour. Then dry clean the charger.

4. Battery cannot be used anymore after leakage.

5. Battery cannot be charged: Check the connection between charger and battery. In this case please send you battery back to the dealer or manufacturer. Please do not disassemble the charger and the battery.

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