Review of the Past Gensace hot show on RCX

It has been several days since the RCX past! Since the middle of April to the RCX begins, that period which really busy to every Gensace & Tattu team memeber!

However, the hardworking finally won the best result! Now let’s review the hot scene on the show! Our booth was fully surrounded by the crowed, which really gave gensace team a lot of confidence!

gensace on rcx


At the booth, we see a lot of funny things, there is not only adult fans of we gensace but also the little boys, let’s take a look at this cute boy, which really behaved like gensace’s spokesman, cool and cute!

little fans of gensace



Don’t doubt there will be little rc fans! They maybe the champion in the future!

On this show,  so many unforgettable scene and funny things happened! Whatever , the most wonderful it’s the role, gensace battery.This time, gensace has made full preparation for the show, it was not only for the show, but also means we gensace come back!

That is: we have warehouse in USA, and provide local customer service!

gensace battery


All in all,  you guys in USA will not be worried about the stock of  your favorite gensace battery and what’s more, the local customer service will sure to be your best partner!

Now go and buy on :

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