Pre-order for Tattu Plus

What is the best important part for multicopter? Motor? ESC? Or other equipment? Yes, everthing is the most important! But, one part, exactly, it is an indispensable part, the power!

Battery is the power supply for your drones , multicopter, quadcopter…..or your thing! Now there are many choices of battery. There is no doubt that Tattu is one of the most popular UAV battery brand.  Both in domestic and overseas.

As the demand and requirement for battery has become more rigiorous . Tattu has an upgraded version Tattu Plus.

Tattu Plus is ready for the pre-order!  And now you can enjoy 15%off!

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All multicopter, drones, quadcopter battery users , you are supposed to join this excited activity!

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Activity now is on! Go and hurry up to pre-order it!


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