Parrot ANAFI Battery: Up to 25mins Flight Times

As we known, the popular French drone company: Parrot announced has a new machine on 6th June – Parrot ANAFI. The new drone is a folding drone with a focus on the flying 4K HDR camera. Aside from it’s solid portability, the main feature of this new drone has an integrated camera that offers stunning 4K HDR videos with 100Mbps bitrate and sharp 21MP photos.

Meanwhile, Parrot ANAFI is an ultra-portable drone and lightweight, can be taken with you on all your adventures anytime and anywhere. The collapsible drone unfolds in less than 3 seconds and fits in most bags and pockets.


More ANAFI Drone Specs:

  • Size folded: 244 x 67 x 65mm
  • Size unfolded: 175 x 240 x 65mm
  • Weight: 320g
  • Max transmission range: 4km with controller.
  • Max flight time: 25 min
  • Max horizontal speed: 15.3m/s (55km/h)
  • Max vertical speed: 4m/s
  • Max wind resistance: 50km/h
  • Service ceiling: 4500m above sea level
  • Operating Temperature range: -10°C to 40°C
  • Satellite Positioning Systems: GPS & GLONASS


About Parrot ANAFI Battery

The Parrot ANAFI equipped with a 2700mAh smart battery and a powerful propulsion engine, can fly and film for 25 minutes. 4 led indicators you can check the battery level at any moment. High density Li-Po battery for advanced flight performances make experience adventures like never before.

Parrot ANAFI Battery Specs:

  • Type: High Density Lipo (2 cells)
  • Battery capacity: 2700mAh
  • Battery life: 25 min
  • Charging port: USB-C
  • Voltage: 7.6V
  • Max Charging power: 24W


To charge Parrot ANAFI battery with a power bank or with the USB Type-C charging system of your smart-phone or computer. It compatible with Power Delivery chargers that charge up to 60% faster than regular 5W USB-A. It is reported, only 1.5h to full charge ANAFI battery use 24W type-C charger. It’s an amazing thing, right?

For Parrot ANAFI replacement battery, maybe it is a big market, do you think? Let’s look forward to it.

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