Notes about shipping lithium batteries

Sep 23rd 2016

Due to the Samsung GarlaxyNote7 cellular battery has the defect, there is the risk of fire when the Note7 charging or after charge, so the Note7 has been banned using or charging on the plane, as well as don't put it in the luggage.

What dangers does lithium battery have when shipment?

Most of our daily necessities such as portable battery, mobile phones, iPad, laptops, cameras, as well as the gradual popularization of Drone(Drone battery) and other devices are containing lithium batteries. It is easy to cause spontaneous fire when it is heated at the high altitude environment. If the lithium battery is checked directly into the baggage, it is possible to cause spontaneous combustion of lithium batteries, a serious threat to flight safety because baggage will squeeze or hit the battery in a small space. According to security station statistics, the daily cases of opening the package to check due to containing the lithium battery products are about 800, accounting for 61% of the workload of the security package inspection. Because the lithium battery products consignment is potentially dangerous, passengers need to wait and deal with, which reduces the work efficiency somehow and lead to the phenomenon of slow check-in, passengers in long queues and miss plane, affecting people's travel as well.

What should be noticed when carrying lithium battery?

5000mah-lipo-battery 1. according to the relevant provisions of the civil aviation authority, the spare lithium batteries whose rated energy value is less than 100Wh are only allowed to portable or carrying, and are needed insulation treatment so as to be released; 2. the amount of lithium batteries whose rated energy value is 100Wh cannot exceed 2, and the excess will be refused to transport; 3. the electronic equipment and spare lithium battery whose rated energy value are greater than 160wh are prohibited to be transported. 4. When lithium battery and spare battery in passengers and aircrews' portable electronic medical devices is used as luggage, the lithium content and rated energy constraint is that the lithium content should not exceed 8g in lithium metal or lithium alloy battery; lithium battery rated energy should not exceed 160Wh. At the same time, the rated energy of removable lithium battery wheelchair or similar means of transport should not exceed 300Wh. Due to that lithium batteries is made of active metal material, so when you take a plane, you have to be aware of safety consciousness, and consciously abide by the provisions of the local airport and airline from the details to ensure flight safety.