New Member But Big Power

Maybe you have heard of Ace, Genscace, you know me?  Let me tell you,  I am Tattu, sounds like tattoo, but not at all exactly.

Well, Tattu is totally a new member of AGT, the following will tell you the details about Tattu.

Tattu is belonging to AGT, which has already owned two brands ACE and Gensace since 2008. These already-exist brands are famous for their battery provide in different field and market. There is no exception for Tattu of providing good and high capcity battery. Tattu focus on USA market, especially in the field of UAV, drone, multicopter.


Now Tattu battery is commonly used in aerial photography, and unmanned search and rescue team with UAV, drone, multicopter. Some excited scene you have seen in Hollywood movie, is taken by aerial photography, it’s no doubt that the battery provided by Tattu.

tattu world9

Tattu come out in 2014 from AGT, now with it’s good quality and stable performance,  it is widely welcome by professional  persons or users. With the

concept that do professional things, provide stable power, Tattu is believed to developed well in the future.

Tattu world2

If you are a player of UAV , drone, multicopter, then Tattu battery will be a good partner for you.

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