New arrival – Gens Ace Charging safeguard

Charging batteries correctly is what we RC hobbyists concern. Batteries can be damage easily because the lack of knowledge in how to safely charge your battery. In order to charge battery correctly and safely, Here we just released a new gear to protect the battery – Gens Ace Charging Safeguard. Interested? Let us take a look.

The charging safeguard is designed for 2S-6S (nominal voltage 3.7V/cell) Lithium Polymer battery pack. It has several functions that allows safe charging of a Lipo battery pack.

Gens ace Charging safeguard


Brand: Gens ace
SKU: GA-Charging-Safeguard-6S
Input: DC5V-30V Max 30A
Output: DC5V-25.8V Max 30A


1. Over-voltage Protection

When charging, if the Charging Safeguard detects that the voltage of a single cell is 4.3V or over and the voltage lasts more than 2 seconds, it will automatically stop charging to protect battery.

2. Over-current Protection

If the charging current is over 30A and the current lasts more than 1 second, it will automatically stop charging.

3.High Temperature Protection

The charger internal temperature do not allow over 70℃, if over, the charging safeguard will automatically stop charging.

4.Battery Checking

The gens ace charging safeguard has battery checking function. It the voltage of any single cell is lower than 2.5V. The charging will be stopped and remind the battery voltage is dangerously low.

5. Abnormal Detection

If the Safeguard detects anything abnormal, the Red LED will activate which means the Safeguard is malfunctioning. Please contact [email protected] for assistance.

6. Auto Sleep Mode

When connecting the Charging Safeguard to the battery, the indicator LED will deactivate and the Safeguard will automatically start Sleep Mode if charging does not begin within 30 minutes. Please disconnect and reconnect the battery to exit Sleep Mode.

7. LED Indicator

In order to observe the charging state, we signed the led indicator.

Gens ace Charging safeguard

How to use the charging safeguard?

Connect the main lead and balance connector of the BATTERY to the output of Safeguard. If the Green LED is active, then connect the main lead and balance connector of the CHARGER to the input of the Safeguard. Make sure the connections and indicator LED are correct then begin charging the battery. If there are any abnormalities please stop charging immediately. To resume charging, please troubleshoot all problems and restart the charging procedure.

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