Network Connects Drones! Everything Is Possible!

The latest news said that Facebook will use drones to spread network. At this bizarre time, everything is possible. As a technology giant, facebook owns lot of users. Normally speaking, they do not need to do such a thing that the other people will feel hard to understand.

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From another point of view, they plan to use drones to build wireless maybe a symbol that network has entered another age. People may think a lot of methods to take advantage of drones. But this time, the social network giant facebook makes this decision may show that drones can be used in many fields.

tattu battery


Anyway, whether this move will be realized or lot is still need time to prove. From the other angle to see this news, it can be found that drones has a great application field. The market has a big demand for it.

No matter what happen to drones, or other related machines like uav and multicopter, one basic thing for the project is how the power be provided. To fly in the air for a long time needs great power.

Now there are many power manufactures , Tattu as a rising star in the field of battery. Tattu battery  is proud for its capacity and stable power supply and wins the customers like.

Whatever how the facebook drone network goes, power should be a problem solved at the very start of the project.

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