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How to storage the battery

1. Do not directly connect the terminals with metal objects. This will short-circuit Batteries, resulting in heat and electrical discharge.

2. Never store loose Batteries together, the Batteries' terminals may contact one another causing a short circuit.

3. Never storage Batteries to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. The battery should be stored within -10℃ ~ 45℃� range environmental condition. If the battery has to be stored for a long time (Over 3 months), the environmental condition should be:
Temperature: 23±5℃
Humidity: 65±20%RH

The voltage for a long time storage should be 3.6V~3.9V range per cell.

gens ace 5000mah

4. Always disconnect Batteries when not in use and store Batteries in a non-conductive and fireproof container.

5. Never alter, puncture or impact Batteries or related components.

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